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Troubleshooting: browser trouble

Here is what to do if:

I want to use my own mailer

Talkitover groups are set up so that the links enabling you to start a topic in a group, respond to a previous message on a topic, subscribe to a group, or unsubscribe from a group, cause the browser to start a mailing window.

Although it is possible to configure an arbitrary mailer, the simplest technique is to subscribe to the group so as to receive messages by e-mail, and then respond to them using the normal "reply" command of your mailer.

To start a new topic, you can also mail a message to using as last line of the Subject the code that appears in the group page at the end of the section "To start a new topic in this group". The previous words of the Subject give the topic title. (Note that some mailers cut off the end of long Subject headers; if this is the case with your mailer make sure the Subject is not too long.) The body of the message is your contribution to the topic.

To subscribe to the list, you can mail a message to using as Subject the code that appears in the group page at the end of the section "To subscribe to this group". You do not need to enter anything in the message body.

I try to send a message or create a topic, but nothing happens!
(Netscape 4.0)

When you click "Start a new topic now" on a group's page, or "Reply to this message" after a message in a topic, or "Subscribe" to a group, or "Unsubscribe", a mail window must come up, enabling you to send the corresponding message to the Talkitover group.

If no mail window appears and your browser is Netscape version 4.0, this is most likely because you installed Netscape Navigator, but not Netscape Communicator (which includes the Navigator as a subset). Your browser must be able to send mail messages; with Netscape 4.0 if you just install the Navigator this capability is not included.

Note that this problem does not occur with Netscape 3, which includes the mailing capability by default.

How to solve this problem

Download from Netscape's site (http://www.netscape.com) a version of Netscape Communicator 4.0 for your platform, and install it. (It's free.)

As an alternative, you can use Netscape 3. The display will not be as nice, however.

Yet another solution is to bypass Netscape's built-in mailer altogether and use another mailing tool. See the explanations above.

Something else to check for

If your software installation does include a mailer and the messages still do not seem to reach their destination, check that your browser's mail set-up is correct. This may not be the case if you normally send e-mail using a separate e-mail tool rather than your browser. The e-mail set-up is part of the Preferences section.

My messages do not seem to make it to the group!
(Internet Explorer with Microsoft Outlook)

This problem arises only with Microsoft's Internet Explorer when the mailer is a version of Microsoft Outlook 97 prior to 8.02. (Netscape users are not affected.)

A bug of Microsoft Outlook -- described in Microsoft's support page at http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q169/0/76.asp -- prevents the "Subject" header from being properly set. When you start a topic, or respond to a message on a topic, or subscribe/unsubscribe to a group, the mail window that comes up should be directed to an address such as

with an automatically set Subject: field. Instead, older versions of Microsoft Outlook misread the Subject field and instead show a To: field of the form

which will not reach its intended destination.

How to solve this problem

The easiest way is to upgrade to Microsoft Outlook 98 (or 97 version 8.02 or higher), or use Netscape Communicator. Then everything will work smoothly.

You can also bypass Internet Explorer's built-in mailer altogether, using instead another mailing tool. See the explanations above.

If you are still using the older Microsoft Outlook, a workaround that will get your messages processed properly is to reset the message To: and Subject: fields prior to clicking Send:

For example if there was no Subject: field but the following To: field

then before you send the message you should:

Then the message will be processed as it should.

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